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Monday 19 August 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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NTPS (National Tariff Payment System) graphic

If you are, or someone you care for is, receiving mental health care from Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, information about which clusters are most relevant for your needs is available from the staff providing your care.

National Tariff Payment System (NTPS) - what is it?

NTPS (the new name for PbR) has two main functions:


  • It has been introduced to make sure that the NHS gives the right types of care to each person using its services

  • NTPS also helps the Trust make sure that the way its clinical care is organised and ensures that a person receives the right kind of care at the right time

  • NTPS will also help the Trust to show that this care is helping the person with their recovery


It is a system that helps us match the needs identified in an initial assessment with a ‘Care Cluster’. This helps us decide on the package of care that the person is likely to need.

Care Clusters and Care Pathways

Many services are being organised into Care Pathways (also known as Clinical Pathways, or Integrated Care Pathways) which promote organised and efficient care based on clinical evidence and improved outcomes.

For adult and older adult services, these care pathways are called Care Clusters. Care Clusters are basically care for a range of needs organised into packages of care for people with similar needs even though their diagnoses may be quite different.

How does it work? 

When your assessment is completed and your needs are identified, the clinician will see which Care Cluster contains the most appropriate treatment and therapies; this will help in care planning and organising reviews.

  • Step 1: The person referred will have an initial clinical assessment.
  • Step 2: The clinician will then compare the information they have collected to a set of criteria. This matches their assessed needs to the care that will be required.
  • Step 3: The clinician then confirms the Care Cluster.
  • Step 4: The clinician and service user agree the care plan, which will meet the Trust's Core Care Standards.

NTPS Interactive PDF

How can I find out more?

  • Click on the picture on the right of this page or Dynamic PbR pdf to for more information about each of the 20 Care Clusters, likely diagnosis, evidence-based therapies and approaches, a directory of mental health resources, outcomes and the register of approved therapies. 
  • Download the NTPS patient information leaflet.

National Tariff Payment System - Dynamic PDF

A tool for information on:

  • Cluster definitions
  • Associated diagnosis
  • Current evidence and national guidance, including NICE and clinical knowledge summaries
  • Trust register of approval therapies
  • Mental health resources.


How to use the tool

Download the How To... guide below:

How To Use the National Tariff Payment System - Dynamic PDF