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Monday 19 August 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Social Media

NHS Employers highlight three key reasons why effective use of social media supports high quality patient care:

  • Social media is used increasingly by patients to help them understand the growing number of healthcare choices and the quality of services available to them. The NHS should be helping patients find the right information online.
  • It allows the NHS to understand emerging developments among staff or patients more quickly and in more detail, including any concerns about the quality of care, so that services can be improved.
  • It supports stronger engagement between staff, employers and the public, which patients say improves the quality of care.


The Trust’s corporate social media accounts 

The Trust uses a range of social media platforms, managed by the Communications team. We do this to engage with different audiences, share the Trust's latest news stories and events and keep involved with the community we serve. 

Our main social media accounts are as


Our approach to social media 

Our social media accounts are monitored from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. We are not able to offer medical advice. Any messages or posts containing medical questions or those related to a patient’s care will be automatically referred to our Patient Experience team.

We will follow other social media users relevant to our organisation, such as NHS trusts, local and national news organisations, local and national voluntary and charity organisations and other public sector organisations. We regret that we cannot guarantee to follow those who follow us.

If we are contacted by someone who is breaching the 'acceptable use' policies of a particular platform, we will stop following them and may take further steps where needed. 

To find out more about our social media presence, please visit our Twitter section and Facebook section.