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Monday 19 August 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Volunteering is beneficial to everyone involved: the volunteer, the healthcare organisation and service users.  

Our Trust offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities across all services. The aim of the volunteer programme is to offer opportunities within the Trust that will help develop both the volunteers and our services. The programme also seeks to create opportunities outside of the Trust to give all those involved a sense of value, confidence, self-esteem and recognition.

Benefits for the volunteer include an opportunity:

  • to get involved in our services

  • to use skills in a way tailored or graded to ability

  • to learn and develop new skills

  • for people who have used or are using mental health services to continue their recovery in a safe and supportive environment

  • for people outside mental health services to learn more about those services and mental health generally

  • to gain work experience and potential reference in a supportive environment

  • to work in an environment that is fair and inclusive, and that will provide empathy and support at all times

  • to be supported and enabled to make the transition into other work environments if they wish to

  • to be supported with education and development opportunities in order to make the most of their potential

  • to be empowered to take more control of their own development.

We are fully committed to equality and diversity, and will engage with anyone who wants to volunteer.

Anyone with a genuine interest in the work of Derbyshire Healthcare will be considered (our work primarily covers mental health, eating disorders, substance misuse, learning disabilities and children’s services) We would particularly encourage people who are receiving or have received services from the Trust or carers of people receiving services to become volunteers.

For more information on how you can become a volunteer for Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust please contact the Volunteer Coordinator by emailing dhcft.volunteercoordinator@nhs.net or calling 01332 623700 ext 33234 or 07500 578923.